As the leading independent ATM operator in the state of Texas, ATM America provides unparalleled products, service and solutions to our expanding customer base throughout the state. For nearly 20 years, ATM America has put you the customer at the center of our business. In doing this our client-focused approach has significantly contributed to our growth of nearly 20% annually since we founded our business in 1994. 

Based in San Antonio, we are one of the fastest growing ATM companies in Texas with a proven business model of partnering with small business owners to provide automatic teller machine solutions as well as contracting with local ATM cash couriers and technicians to service automatic teller machine needs.

We know our job doesn’t end with placing an ATM machine in your establishment. It’s about building and maintaining a relationship with your business by providing the very best automatic teller machine equipment coupled with exemplary 24×7 customer service and support. ATM America works individually with each business owner to determine the best equipment and program that will create maximum profitability for their business.  

ATM America provides full-service ATM placement and cash management services to a myriad of business types. Whether you operate a night club, convenience store, gas station, automotive business, or any other business that can benefit from having a cash machine onsite, ATM America can increase your profits as well as provide the personalized service you expect from a business partner. Call us to find out how to increase revenue by placing an ATM in your business.

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Company History

In 1994, RSBA Enterprises, LLC. (RSBA) ATM America’s parent company was founded on the principle of providing personalized service to small business owners. The company, headquartered in San Antonio, started as a third-party service operator placing and servicing script machines. In 2000, to expand its offerings to business owners, RSBA purchased an existing Automatic Teller Machine business, which has grown into a full-service ATM company. Over the last two decades, the company has experienced 15-20% growth annually and has plans to continue that growth by developing our service model nationally. 

RSBA’s client-focused philosophy has allowed us to maintain relationships with companies such as Cardtronics, Tranex, Tidel , Triton, EZ Mart and several others in the ATM network business.

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