Does my Business need an ATM Machine?

Have you ever considered getting an ATM machine installed at your business location but you don’t know where to start?  Would you like to learn more about how simple it to lease, purchase or even get an automated teller machine?  If you see value in adding a machine to your business then you’ve come to the right place.

This blog helps businesses no matter how large or small to access all the information they need. We will help you make an informed decision about adding an ATM.  So let’s get started with some basic information.

Do you have customers or clients who regularly ask, where’s the ATM machine?  Have you had to turn customers away in the past because your business didn’t have a cash machine?  Well if you have customers who are regularly looking for an automatic teller machine and can’t access one in your business location then you are quite simply turning away money.

So in the process of adding a automatic teller to your business, where do you start?  Well ATM America is here to make the process as seamless as possible for you.  Keep reading for valuable advice on how just a few simple steps can boost your bottom line.

1.) Is your business location a good place for an ATM machine?

If your business has traffic coming through the door and part of your business requires cash at anytime, then you need a cash machine.  Some excellent examples of businesses that require an automated teller machine could include: gas stations, convenience stores, bars and restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and motels, apartment complexes, hospitals, food courts, shopping malls, and more.

2.) My business and my customers use cash, I need an ATM.

Now that you’ve determined that your business is in need of an automatic teller machine, what’s the next step?  Contact us at ATM America.  We provide full-service machine placement and cash management services to a myriad of business types. Whether you operate a night club, convenience store, gas station, automotive business, or any other business that can benefit from having a cash machine onsite.  We can increase your profits as well as provide the personalized service you expect from a business partner.

3.) What are my options for an automatic teller machine?

Our Program offers a number of options for your business, from purchasing the machine directly from us to receiving a FREE ATM placement.

ATM America Purchase Program:

We sell new ATMs at wholesale cost and is one the leading independent dealers/distributors of ATMs in Texas. Our automatic teller machines are configured and programmed before shipping and are ready for operation right out of the box. All our machine purchases include free transaction processing services.

With our Purchase Program, you make 100% of the transaction fee paid by users. Plus, you can set the fee to whatever amount you want. Your monthly revenue will be determined by how many people use the machine every month and the transaction fee setting. Since the business owner is responsible for maintenance and repair as well as cash loading, purchased teller’s fit well in individually-owned smaller businesses that have low- to medium-volume traffic.

ATM Partnership Placement:

Our Partnership Program offers a free ATM and more profit to you per transaction. This option may be for your business if you are willing to use your own cash.  Our Partnership Program works well for small businesses that don’t want to purchase or maintain an automated teller machine but can supply and load the cash and receipt paper in exchange for a higher percentage of the transaction fee.

Your equipment is shipped to your business already programmed for your convenience so that you can start making money the day of the install.

ATM America FREE Placement Program:

Our Full-Service Placement Program offers you a hands-off solution to making additional revenue by providing your business with a free automatic teller machine.

With this no-cost-to-you option, ATM America provides the equipment, cash and supplies for your machine. Additionally, we maintain the cash mashine while you collect a portion of the transaction fee.  We will ship the equipment to your business fully loaded and programmed for your convenience. You can start making money the day of the install.

4.) Does ATM service the area that my business is located in?

Based in San Antonio, we are one of the fastest growing automated teller companies in Texas with a proven business model of partnering with small business owners to provide automatic teller machine solutions as well as contracting with local cash couriers and technicians to service automatic teller machine needs.

We service the greater metro areas of San Antonio, Austin and Houston, Texas, and in 2000, ATM America began expanding its offerings to business owners on a national scale.  Over the last two decades, the company has experienced 15-20% growth annually.

5.) How do I start the process of having an ATM installed in my business?

Contact ATM America today.  We are one of the fastest growing automated teller companies in Texas with a proven business model of partnering with small business owners to provide cash machine solutions as well as contracting with local cash couriers and technicians to service your machine needs.

We know our job doesn’t end with placing an ATM in your establishment. It’s about building and maintaining a relationship with your business by providing the very best equipment coupled with exemplary 24×7 customer service and support.

We look forward to working with you to help grow your business.  Call us today at (888)-780-5590 or email ATM America at [email protected] and let’s get started!